Financial Inclusion in Action

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WhatsApp with Agent Monitoring and Support?


We met Cyrus Kibuchi on a Monday morning at Kamangu, a town 40 km from Nairobi. Cyrus works as an agent in Kamangu, and days like this usually find him busy at work. He is an agent who serves seven digital financial services (DFS) providers. These providers comprise five banks and two mobile money operators… Continue reading

Foresight in a FinTech Forest – Financial Technology Drives a Digital Banking Response


We’ve reached an inflexion point in banking, more pronounced and more fundamental than any which has preceded. The financial technology (FinTech) revolution promises dramatic improvements in customer experience and fundamental changes in how banking is informed and how it is conducted.  Financial institutions must make critical choices if they are to compete in the new… Continue reading

Why Do (Some) MNOs Sprint and (Most) Banks Limp?


A previous MMU blog “Can India Achieve Financial Inclusion Without the Mobile Network Operators?” concluded “MNO-led systems therefore have a hugely important role to play to create the market – to build people’s confidence in digital financial services and local agent-based systems – and thus lay the foundation for digital financial inclusion.” All well and… Continue reading

Financial Inclusion Just Became More Inclusive…Maybe

On 22 February, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) announced that companies from any business sector will be allowed to seek a banking license. A strong part of the rationale behind this controversial and surprising move from India’s generally conservative central bank and regulator is the need to bring more banking services, more efficiently and… Continue reading