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Fintechs for LMI segments – Tapping the untapped


In our first blog in this series, we highlighted how the low- and middle-income (LMI) segments in India present immense opportunities for ecosystem players.  To read our report on the fintech landscape in India, click here   To know more about the Financial Inclusion Lab and to apply, click here These players may include fintechs,… Continue reading

Fintechs for LMI segments – Demystifying myths and delving into realities


In our previous blog in this series, we presented recent trends in the fintech space in India. In that blog, we also defined the low- and middle-income (LMI) segments and examined the challenges that fintechs and investors face in catering to these segments.  To read our report on the fintech landscape in India, click here… Continue reading

The white spaces of the digital divide: 3G+ haves and have-nots


In previous blogs, we discussed the seven key drivers of digital exclusion in emerging markets. This one examines the implications of the observation that in most rural villages, the infrastructure to support fintech, agtech, healthtech or any other form of “tech” remains inadequate. This is because these ‘techs’ depend on users being able to access… Continue reading

Can Instant Messenger Disrupt the Digital Payments Market in India?


What’s up with WhatsApp? Have you ever wondered about the idea of sending anything other than photos, emojis, videos and web links through popular instant messenger (IM) apps to your friends? Have you ever wanted to send money to a friend instantly when she reminds you about the bill that you were supposed to split,… Continue reading

Lessons from Informal Financial Systems: Indonesian Perspective


Over the past few years MicroSave has conducted several research studies in Indonesia[1] to understand the household level financial ecosystem. Through focus group discussions (FGDs) and participatory rapid appraisal (PRA) tools, we gained insights on access to, and use of, financial products in communities across Indonesia. This blog focuses on the role of informal institutions… Continue reading