Samson Odele

Independent Consultant -Inclusive Finance and Banking

Samson Odele is an alumni with MSC

Posts by Samson Odele

Demand and Supply Side Challenges and Potential Opportunities for Agency Banking in Uganda

The blog focuses on demand and supply side challenges and potential opportunities for agency banking in Uganda

Microinsurance in Uganda: Tectonic Shift in the Near Future?

This Note analyses the possible impact of these regulatory and political changes on the microinsurance sector, and predicts the state of the sector in Uganda in near future.

Savings and Internal Lending Communities (SILC) in Uganda

This report evaluates the Savings and Internal Lending Communities (SILC) programme in Uganda to assess its achievements, its challenges and from the lessons learned, make recommendations for expansion.

Establishing a Credit Administration & Control Unit 

This note demonstrates the ways to organise a Credit Administration Unit (CAU), when an organisation grows in terms of volume and outreach.