Ritesh Dhawan

Digital Finance Expert

Ritesh is an alumni with MSC

Ritesh is an alumni with MSC. Ritesh is a Senior Manager at Paytm Payments Bank- India's largest digital bank. He and his team aim to bring every Indian adult under the ambit of formal financial services

Posts by Ritesh Dhawan

Understanding Gender Dynamics in Agent Banking

The first part of this blog series highlights key findings aimed at understanding the differences in customer experience at an agent outlet based on customer gender.

Cooperation or Competition

This blog talks about a major upheaval in the Indian OTC market post the announcement of the payments bank licenses.

The Race Begins: Payment Bank Licenses

Payments bank licences in India is a signal of how RBI is willing to strengthen its effort to fulfill the vision of complete financial inclusion in the country.

Keeping the channel happy for quick scale-up: A case from the Mumbai remittance market

In this blog, the authors share the results from a successful remittance market study conducted in Mumbai and conclude the sectoral implications of the current business model.

Disruption is simmering in Kenya

Thin SIM is evolving digital finance market of Kenya. M-PESA, the most successful mobile money offering, has started to feel it too. This blog brings forth the emerging scenario.

Why Is financial inclusion in India not improving? New numbers, new approaches

Despite huge potential, financial inclusion isn’t improving in India. This blog takes into account the main reasons for hindering the growth with new research findings.

Why m-wallets won’t work… yet!

In India, Mobile wallets have more to address than simply increased marketing and advertising to succeed with the many customers who need what they are selling.

Mobile money – Influencers of success

In this study, we attempt to examine some notable mobile money deployments across the globe.