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Winter is coming: Key lessons on digital transformation for financial institution

In this blog, we look at the “how” – the detailed steps for digital transformation.

Winter is coming: Managing the digital onslaught

This blog discusses how the incumbents can bring about a digital transformation to utilise the disruptive power of technology and innovation.

Key Strategies for Banks Expanding Reach to MSME Segment in Kenya(1)

In this briefing note, we explore strategies to be employed by banks in Kenya to increase financing to the MSME segment in the face of competition from financial services providers.

Whose Customer is it Anyway? Ensuring Every Customer is King

When you buy a bottle of Coca-Cola, are you buying it from the store or from the Coca-Cola Company?  Whose customer are you?  In digital finance, the provider (usually a bank or telecom) designs and brands the service, but it is the agent that provides the ability to cash-in and cash-out (CICO), and earns 40-80% of […]